A huge thank you to Helena Kavunovskaya of Lyondellbasell for your recent Diploma of Leadership and Management review after working with our lead facilitator and Executive Coach, Michael Peiniger. It is always a pleasure to work with leaders and managers that seek to develop, hone and practise their leadership skills further for the benefit of their team, and the hours taken to complete the Diploma of Leadership and Management are testimony to that fact.

‘Michael is a fantastic coach. He’s very personable, open and approachable. He effectively engages participants and takes great care to tailor the program and his approach to suit the students. He makes learning fun and enjoyable and helps foster a learning environment where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, insights and experiences. I got a lot out of my Leadership Diploma and I will miss our monthly workshops and all the loughs and great times we had in our group activities. What I appreciate the most is the way you skillfully hold a mirror to each of us so that we can better understand our strengths and weaknesses, develop our self awareness and awareness of others. Anyone engaged in coaching/training with Michael will get a lot of if it and will walk away not just a better leader/team member but also a better person.’

Helena Kavunovskaya, HR Advisor, Lyondellbasell
Diploma of Leadership & Management Testimonial - Helena Kavunovskaya

Thank you for mentioning the nature of the learning environment that we seek to create at IMLD – providing an opportunity for all participants to share their ideas and insights. Thank you for challenging yourself in the Diploma of Leadership and Management workshops to reach new heights in your leadership skills and behaviours. We wish you and the team at Lyondellbasell all the success that the future may hold.


IMLD’s leadership programs provide leaders with knowledge, behaviour and practical skills required to lead and adapt to a changing work environment. Irrespective of where you are staring from – brand new to leadership or s seasoned professional – IMLD leadership programs have something for you to continue your leadership development journey. From the Emerging Leaders Program, to the Executive Leadership Program and the Diploma of Leadership and Management, there is a leadership program designed to take your skills to the next level. If this sounds like it could be useful for you or members of your team, get in touch with us today via the Contact Page, or via a Discovery Call on Zoom where one of experienced facilitators can answer all of your burning questions.

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