Does anyone actually like having difficult conversations? We surveyed over a hundred of our Performance Management Essentials workshop participants, and here are the areas they struggled with in regards to having difficult / crucial conversations:

1️⃣ Not having confidence in being able to do it ‘right’ within HR limitations,
2️⃣ Not knowing the ‘right’ words, and not wanting to cause offence,
3️⃣ Not having a clear structure for the conversation
4️⃣ Concern over how the other person will respond (meek, bullying, arguing
5️⃣ Not knowing how to adapt to the other persons communication style
6️⃣ Don’t know how to convince people to change behaviour
7️⃣ Needing to discuss poor performance without having them perform worse
8️⃣ Not wanting to make the situation worse (it is sometimes easier to avoid)

Do any of these sound like behaviours or situations that you have experienced at work?
Leaders recognise that they are uncomfortable – but they get past this and have them anyway for the benefit of the team and the individual – because dealing with it later doesn’t make it go away, it just makes the problem bigger.