‘Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do’ For leaders, knowing is not enough – action is king.

Knowledge alone will not get you what you want. Thinking about what you want will not get you what you want. Telling someone you are going to do something will not get it done.

Buying a book about changing habits (I see you James Clear and your wonderful book, Atomic Habits!) will not change your habits – putting things into action will. Atomic Habits won’t change your life anymore than sitting on the couch will unless you put that knowledge into practice and change some of your routines – and then consistently apply them.

Without taking the risk of applying – and the risk that it might not work exactly as you wished – you won’t make any real progress.

‘Analysis paralysis’ and fear of failure (or fear of success) can hold us back from taking action on what is needed to drive us forward.

If you ‘know’ all of the above, and are still stuck (by fear, by paralysis, by lack of action), be bold and take one tiny action – pick up the phone or DM and we can get you moving. Executive leadership coaching is more than just applying leadership behaviours and skills, it is about moving yourself, your team and your business forward, when all it feels is stuck. They say that ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’ – when you work in partnership with a coach, halve it again.
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Are You Looking To Apply Leadership Rather Than Just Talk About It?

Developing Leaders has a range of leadership and management learning programs that can help you go beyond knowledge and take action. From Executive Leadership Coaching, Leadership Assessments and Leadership programs and Workshops, we have a program to get your leadership and management moving in the right direction for you, your team and your business. Become a leader that others choose to follow today.