Performance Management Essentials – 12 July 2019

The Performance Management Essentials workshop is ‘what is old is new again’ moment for Kameleons – Developing Leaders. This workshop (in a previous format) was one of the first workshops that we offered publicly, before moving into working ‘in house’ and partnering with businesses almost 10 years ago.

We finally listened to what our coaching and leadership clients had been telling us again for the last few years and have started offering this workshop as a public workshop once again.

How To Have a Difficult Conversation at Work

Difficult conversations — whether you are telling an underperforming an employee that they need to do to improve, or advising your boss of a missed deadline — are part and parcel of being a leader, manager or supervisor. What is the best way to prepare for this type of conversation? What should you say (or not say)? How do you find the right words in the moment and be able to respond in an appropriate way if the person doesn’t agree or acknowledge what you have raised? And, how can you manage the ‘back and forth’ of the conversation so that it goes smoothly and you get the outcome you want?

Why Do We Struggle With Performance Management & Difficult Conversations?

We surveyed over a hundred of our Performance Management Essentials workshop participants, and here are at the areas they struggled with in regards to performance management and having difficult / crucial conversations:

  • Not having confidence in being able to do it ‘right’ within HR limitations
  • Not knowing the ‘right’ words, and not wanting to cause offence
  • Not having a clear structure for the conversation