Want to be a great leader? Start with being a humble learner and not assuming (or behaving) as if you already know. Great leaders are humble (and curious) learners.

In our experience, the best leaders recognise there is always more to learn – they aren’t afraid to put their hand up to ask, to question, to listen and to adapt their behaviour.

Whether it be through reading, listening, private reflection, executive coaching, group workshops, psychometric tools, talking with peers, mentoring with your boss or learning on the job – great leaders are open to new ideas and always acknowledge that they can learn more.
What are you doing in 2021 to learn more and develop your leadership and team skills?
You are doing yourself (and your team) a huge disservice if you think the behaviours and skills that worked in 2020 (pre COVID) are what is needed in 2021. Your team, your culture and the business environment has changed – has your leadership adapted to meet it?

Not Sure Where To Start On Your Leadership Development Journey?

Why not take up one of our 2 easy offerings:

Reach Out and Contact Us at IMLD

Pick up the phone or email us with the area of your leadership / team development you want to address. Our skilled facilitators and coaches have been working in the leadership and learning space for more that 20 years, and will be able to provide you with clear, practical and helpful advice on how you can get started and address your needs. Set yourself up with a 30 minute Discovery call and we can discuss how we can assist.

Leadership Assessment Tool

Already know that there is something to work on but not sure what it is? Our Velocity Leadership CheckPoint is a great place to start. The CheckPoint considers 25 behavioural leadership traits, focussed in 5 distinct leadership capabilities, and provides you with a clear understanding of your leadership strengths, and well as your areas to develop.

Remember, great leaders are humble learners! Let us assist you in your leadership development journey today.
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