Who do you have as part of your ‘team’ to help you achieve your goals? Who pushes you when you don’t feel you can push yourself? Is it a team member? An executive coach? No one?

At 6.45am this morning, I was not ‘feeling it’. I have a fitness goal I am aiming for, and today was not my best start. An informal member of my team is Annie McGuire, a spin class and yoga instructor at Sweatmaster (they live up to their name ?). Annie is a burst of energy before 7am, and this morning pushed me when I couldn’t, until eventually I could take up the reins myself and complete the morning session. Annie found out she was a member of my ‘team’ this morning. ?

We all need team members (formal or informal), friends and executive coaches that have the permission to push us to our goals when we feel we can’t push ourselves. And permission is the key, because it takes something to hold the line when we feel like pushing back or giving in. People that can keep us to our goals are worth their weight in gold.

As an executive coach, one part of my job is to ensure that the people that I work with have more energy and a more positive frame of mind than when i started working with them. It isn’t all about positivity – and each executive coaching session is different – a key is ensuring that the client has a clearer path to achieve what they wanted by the time the session is concluded. Just like Annie at Sweatmaster, there are times when it is about motivation, and other times it is about holding clearly and firmly to account to achieve the goals that the client has set for themselves.

Who have you given permission to hold you to your goals?
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