What is the most important role of a leader?

08 Jul 2021

What Is A Leaders Most Important Role?

What is a leaders most important role? Preventing drift.

What is drift?

Drift is when you set a path, course, vision or purpose (whatever you wish to call it) and you start to move away (consciously or unconsciously) from what was planned or agreed. Drift manifests itself in a number of ways:
🔹 Not being clear in the direction you, the team and the business are heading,
🔹 Not getting ‘everyone on board’ and agreeing on the behaviours required to stay on track,
🔹 Not being clear on the behaviours you want (and cheering them on!) and the behaviours you don’t (and correcting them quickly),
🔹 Not walking the talk on your own behaviours and holding yourself to account (or letting others hold you to account)
🔹 Avoiding small and awkward conversations on standards, goals and behaviours until they become large, difficult conversations (when you have ‘drifted’ well off track), and
🔹 Not clearly communicating milestones, wins and near misses in performance.
To prevent drift, you have to have a clear understanding of your goals, your targets and the behaviours that you need to achieve them. You also have to have a willingness to interact and engage with your team daily, encouraging and praising good work (yes, even if it is ‘their job’) to stay on track, and coaching and correcting when you drift.

Ask yourself a difficult question or two:
🔹 Where has your performance drifted? What will you do to correct it?
🔹 Where has your teams performance drifted? What has been your place in letting it happen? What little correction can you make today?
🔹 Where has your business drifted? At the start of the new FY, what course can you set to correct it?
If drift is an issue for you, your team or your business, you know who to call.
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Do you know what your leadership strengths and weaknesses are?

Do you know what impact that knowledge (or lack of) is having on your team and business?
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