Are you developing leaders and leadership in your business? If you are, the 3 Leadership Behaviours in greatest need to develop leaders right now are:

  • Feedback!
  • Feedback!!
  • Feedback!!!

Clear, concise, authentic, easy to understand feedback on what you are doing well, and what needs to improve / be more efficient / more effective.

Not the big earth shattering stuff that scares the pants off leaders to plan and think about (or involve HR with)

The small stuff that teams do that make your life easier or harder when they are repeated.

People shy away from telling people what is working and being done well, just as much as they hide from discussing what isn’t being done well.

It is almost like leaders have forgotten how to be human – how to indicate that we are happy with the job our team is doing for us.

Feedback Tips for Developing Leaders

1. Team members don’t like to fly blind.

2. Team members don’t like guessing at what they should and shouldn’t do.

3. Praising an action / behaviour makes it more likely that it will happen again.

4. Saying nothing about a behaviour doesn’t mean a team member won’t do an action / behaviour again – it just makes them nervous / hesitant / inefficient and guessing. Only saring what you don’t like or want changed makes it more likely to not be done again.

These are the basics in leading – and guiding – a team.

And right now they aren’t being done very well.

Stop having your team fly blind and provide the feedback they need to perform well.

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Looking to Develop Your Leaders?

Developing feedback skills is just one of the many skills and behaviours that we assist leaders in developing in our Executive Leadership Coaching, Emerging Leaders and Executive Leadership Programs. Contact us to find out how you can develop your feedback skills to provide greater clarity and understanding for your team.