Building trust is an essential part of leading a team, and being part of a team. But have you ever thought:
? What does it take to build trust with me?
? What does it take to break my trust?, and
Probably most important with teams
? What does it take – what would you have to do – to rebuild my trust?

I love this quote from Brene Brown. Trust isn’t built in the big, sweeping gestures or in the speeches delivered enmasse – it is developed in the small moments between people that happen every day of the week. In thew same vein, building trust can be built in the tiny moments – it can be lost in those tiny moments as well.

Have you thought about what it takes to build and break trust with you? Frankly, if you don’t know what it takes to build, break or rebuild trust with you – how would the members of your team know?

Building trust is about more than being honest (the default answer most managers give when asked the question) – there are a number of ‘time moments’ each day as Brene Brown mentions, that have an impact.

Take a moment and share with your team:
? What behaviour(s) build trust with me?
? What behaviour(s) break my trust, and
? What does it take to rebuild my trust?

You can go further and ask your team members the same thing. When two of my favourite authors on leadership – Brené Brown and Patrick Lencioni – have trust as implicit in their models and organisations, it is worth looking at.
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