A huge thank you to Jo Lanigan, MCC for your recent executive coaching review after working with our lead facilitator and Executive Coach, Michael Peiniger. Continual improvement is such as important part of being an executive Coach and facilitator of leadership. It would seem a little disingenuous of the team at Developing Leaders to focus attention and effort to encourage clients to continue their learning and development without also stepping up the plate and working on ours.

Michael is an extraordinary coach and a humble and energetic student. Having taught Michael over an extended period of time, I was thrilled with his ability to bring his fellow students together creating a close and well informed group. Nothing was ever too much for Michael. He has the ability to bring people together and he leads with strength, humility and extreme care for others. He is always there for the collective good.

Michael is well deserving of his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. He is an extremely skillful coach. His coaching is like his leadership style; strength with warmth. Skill with precision and deep knowledge of his craft. It has been my honour to know Michael and I have been able to witness how he has been able to bring deep transformation into other people’s lives.’

Jo Lanigan, MCC, ICF Coach Mentor

It was a pleasure to be part of this latest International Coach Foundation (ICF) accredited Professional certified Coach (PCC) program, not just because of the content and what was gained and implemented into our coaching programs, but because of the skilled facilitation of coaching ideas and techniques by the likes of Jo. In addition, working with a fantastic group of fellow PCC coaches from around the world only heightened the passion for this field and focus on the topic of leadership.

Thank you for your kind words Jo – it was a pleasure to work with you and the team.


Developing Leaders executive leadership coaching programs provide leaders with knowledge, behaviour and practical skills required to lead and adapt to a changing work environment. Irrespective of where you are staring from – brand new to leadership or a seasoned professional – Developing Leaders executive leadership coaching and executive coaching paths provide leaders with skilled coaches who can build confidence and skills for leaders to build high-performing teams. 

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