‘Great leaders are humble learners’. We have an Emerging Leaders Program starting at Institute of Management & Leadership Development in about 3 weeks, and the first piece of ‘homework’ (I prefer ‘anchoring activity’ but I am fighting a losing battle) for all new participants is to tell all of their team that they are beginning a leadership learning program.

For many, this is a very hard thing to do.

We often have leaders that would like to keep their learning secret, wanting to keep a distance between themselves and their team, and not willing to share that they might need to learn something new, or God forbid, that they might not be the font of all leadership knowledge in their workplace.

We expect leaders to share their leadership learning journey with their team, because they ARE part of the journey. When leaders try a new tool, practice or behaviour, the team has an idea where it is coming from. The pros and cons can be discussed in the open, and it can be adapted and moulded to suit the team and the business culture. Without sharing, new behaviours aren’t understood, they are questioned, resisted or spoken about behind closed doors.

It takes a village (or a team) to raise the skills of a new leader, and it takes a humble learner to be one.

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