In the June 16 issue of BRW (brw.com.au), Leo D’Angelo Fisher listed the following 10 steps to being a great manager:

1. Managers are leaders and leaders are managers – don’t get caught up by artificial dichotomy.

2. Leadership can be shared.

3. Leadership requires high-level personal attributes.

4. Leaders are part of a team.

5. Managers / leaders know their team.

6. Create a sense of purpose.

7. Performance manage to strengths.

8. Set principles, boundaries and strategy.

9. Manage diversity.

10. Manage globalisation, complexity and chaos. 

What do you think of the list?

So many areas to discuss, but I want to get to pt. 3. Followers do not follow a leader who has personal attributes less than those they possess themselves. We all want a leader that we can look up to, and who has values that are congruent with ours or extend us to be better. Of those high level personal attributes alluded to, I believe leaders need to;

1. Be open and consistent about what they want – they need to know what they approve and don’t approve on in the workplace and inform others,

2. Have drive and be determined to achieve. 

3. Be positive through adversity.

4. Demonstrate care for the people they work with.

5. Know when to fight for what you believe / fight for your team, and know when to be humble and accept decisions / outcomes.

There are many more personal attributes that make up a leader – what do you think? What would you add / take out of the 10 steps? What are the personal attributes of the great leaders you have followed?