Leadership Training – Best in Calm or In Storm?

‘There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm’

Willa Cather

Leadership training and high-performance team training are ‘some things’, however most businesses only focus their attention on training when in calm. ? Is leadership training best completed in calm or in storm? How many times have you heard someone say ‘it is too busy right now to do training’? Some components of leadership and management – planning, strategy, time management, evaluation – all benefit when there is time to think, consider and reflect.

Several others though – decision making, difficult conversations, coaching, balancing priorities, constructive feedback – often need to occur when things are moving at pace. Why then do so many businesses only train people to complete these activities when things are calm?

Yes – training when things are busy can feel like an impost and difficult to balance – but the benefits often far outweigh the negatives. Coaching and training when things are busy prepare leaders and managers for what it is like in the ‘real world’, not just in a simulated training environment.

Training that is designed for pace and within the rigours of business life actually prepare leaders more effectively for what they will actually deal with.

Training and coaching should be completed in times that best reflect the environment that they will be completed in, and often that means when things are busy, when you don’t have all of the facts, time is of the essence and you are ‘under the pump’. Some of our best learning is done in these situations – not just when things are calm.

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Testimonial – Roger Susan – Lyondellbasell

It is all about gratitude on Wednesdays at Institute of Management & Leadership Development, and today we want to say thank you to Roger Susan for taking the time to write a testimonial on the work completed so far in the Diploma of Leadership & Management program.

Thank you Roger for your the lovely words regarding the your leadership program at lyondellbasell facilitated by Michael Peiniger. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of leaders and managers – thank you for the recommendation!

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills, get your team back on track, build a team culture of high-performance, or just looking to work one on one on some ‘effective management techniques’ , then why not book a confidential discovery call with us and see how we can help.

To book, click HERE.
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High Performance Team – What Would You Rate Your Team Right Now?

To takes something to develop a high performance team. But what is ‘something’? Simple question: What would you rate our team out of ? right now? 7️⃣ ? 8️⃣ ? If so, your team is at a critical point. If you rated your team a 5️⃣ , you would already be doing something to address it. But a 7️⃣ or an 8️⃣ – that is good enough, isn’t it?

IMLD – High Performance Teams Workshops

Teams that are rated a 7️⃣ have enormous risk or going back to a 5️⃣ really quickly – mainly due to complacency. After all, it you rated that well, you don’t need to:

? invest in training or coaching (people are performing),

? have those uncomfortable conversations (they will work it out – they are good performers)

? hold others to account for shortfalls in performance (it will come around)

Or do you?

Teams that consistently rate themselves highly (and have others rate them highly as well), do so because they have a relentless pursuit and desire to maintain that level. They realise if they don’t focus on high performance, it can become average performance quickly, as the competition catches up.

If you are seeking to develop a high-performance culture within your team, the IMLD High-Performance Team workshops are a great place to start. We can challenge you to challenge your team performance, and bring a high-performance team culture to reality.

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Be The Leader You Wish You Had When You Started

What leadership ‘loaf’ are you baking at present? In your business oven, are your team going to be underdone – unable to make a decision without you and afraid to make have difficult conversations? Or is your team overcooked – burnt from having to do too much without your guidance and coaching and charred from feeling left on their own?
Getting your team leadership ‘just right’ takes some effort – as well as planning, empathy and a good dose of skilled and thoughtful coaching.
Setting the right environment for developing leaders takes something – both for ourselves and for our team. But the fundamentals are easy to put in place. If you are unsure how to get it ‘just right’ for your business, why not give us a call. We have been developing leaders and leadership in businesses for almost 20 years, in environments as complex and unique as yours. Be the leader that you wish you had when you started, and set the environment for leadership development today.

Do you know what your leadership strengths and weaknesses are?

Do you know what impact that knowledge (or lack of) is having on your team and business?
If you would like to know what leadership strengths you can leverage further, get in touch to book in for a Velocity Leadership CheckPoint and debrief today.
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