The Function Of Leadership Is NOT To Produce More Leaders

Unpopular Opinion: The FUNCTION of leadership is NOT to produce more leaders. The FUNCTION of Leadership is to SERVE AND LEAD YOUR PEOPLE WELL. The function is to provide a clear vision, develop a plan, communicate clearly, are for your team, develop their skills and create an environment for good work.

A recent post from Leadership First stated below:


The Function of Leadership
The Function Of Leadership Should Be To Lead Well

If, through that process and your example, you have team members that look to develop their skills further to become a leader – fantastic! But that is not your function – it is a wonderful byproduct of your function.
To state that your function is to produce more leaders is to ignore 80-90% of your team – the people that you lead!
Imagine stating that the function of money is to produce more money, or that the function of a Royal Family is to produce more Royals. Some may agree – yet the purpose of both of those things is to do more that replicate itself – it is to SERVE a higher purpose and create something bigger than itself,
If you see the function / focus of your leadership is to produce more leaders, you are doing yourself – and the people you are supposed to serve – a major disservice.
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Want To Be A Better Leader?

Want to be a better leader? the type of leader that others willingly follow? Take a look at one of our leadership interventions – Executive Leadership Coaching (for the individual) or the Executive Leadership Program (for your leadership team).

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Great Leaders Know How To Create Positive Intentions At Work

Great leaders know how to create the right environment for themselves to thrive. What intention are you bringing to work today? Are you aware of what you are bringing?
Is it: (READ MORE)
? ‘I just have to get through today’
? ‘It is wet and raining, just like my mood’
? ‘Another boring meeting I just have to get through’
? ‘I’m swamped in work’

These intentions attract exactly what you are looking for – and importantly they filter out other emotions / behaviours / examples / opportunities that don’t fit the narrative.
Unconsciously, we can let these negative / less efficient behaviours rule the way in which we work.
The wonderful thing about being human though, is that we can control how we CHOOSE to think about something – which in turn can impact our mood and how we see things – even what we see.
Creating your intention can be a simple way of changing the mood – your mood – at work.

Your intention could be:
⭐️ ‘I will get Project X completed today’
⭐️ ‘I’m glad it is raining outside today, I can now focus on XXX’
⭐️ ‘What small gem of information can I get from this meeting that will be useful?
⭐️ ‘Today I am breaking down these rocks to pebbles and sand and moving things forward’
Our brain is an incredibly powerful tool – when we point it in the right direction and set a clear intention for HOW we will approach the day.

Will creating an intention magically change the day around you? No. You will still be at work, and you will still have things to do. But it will change how you see that work, how you respond to the people around you (and how they respond back), how you feel about that work – and open the opportunity to feel satisfied by what you have achieved, rather than what you have missed.

You may also have the mindset to actually ‘see’ what you have been missing and filtering out from your day.
So, what is your intention for today?

Will you consciously bring out the nest in yourself, or unconsciously pull yourself down? The cool thing is it is your choice.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Creating your intention is just one part of the AIRBLEEDS Model that is taught within our Executive Leadership Coaching Program, and our Emerging Leaders Program. If you would like to know more about creating your intention, get in touch?

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Great Leaders Listen to Understand, Not Just To Reply

Great leaders listen to understand, not just to reply. The quick responses of ‘Yes, but……….’, ‘I hear you, but…….’ are simple examples of listening to reply rather than understand.
Simple statements – almost reflex – and they scream that ‘I’m right’ – which means that you are wrong.
If you listen for it – in yourself and in others – you can see when someone is listening only to respond and provide their point of view rather than listening to the other person.
A skill that is fantastic for debating – seeking to listen to the ‘opponent’ just to rip their argument apart – surprisingly (!), isn’t very useful for having conversations with others.
This behaviour can be destructive as a leader – it limits the ideas available to you and over time ensures that your team provides less and less – because you don’t want to actually listen.
Listening – actually listening – is a skill. It can take effort not to launch in with a counter-point or argument; but if you want to be a good leader of people, then it is a skill worth learning.
Perhaps it starts with realising that you aren’t always the smartest in the room and perhaps, just perhaps, aren’t the only one with good ideas? ?
Listening to understand, listening to actually hear an alternative idea or view, is so much more effective for sustained leadership than just listening to reply. Don’t learn it, and the only opinion you may be listening to is your own.
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Best Small Business Coaching Firm in Australia!

Thank you Corporate Vision – we couldn’t be happier to be announced as the Best Small Business Coaching Firm in Australia in 2022!

We are very fortunate to be working with some incredibly passionate leaders, managers and owners within some of Australia’s best small, medium and family businesses. Leaders that are willing to learn, to be coached, to share with others and put their learning into practice – they are a pure joy to work and learn with.

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‘It took me a while to find a leadership coach I wanted to work with, and I feel incredibly lucky to have come across Michael, who has the right mix between personable but professional and supportive but honest feedback. At first I knew there were areas I wanted to work on, but I couldn’t put my finger on what they were. Michael not only helped me identify these areas, but then grounded and rooted me in my own values, strengths and purpose which has helped realign me with my own goals and direction. The tools Michael introduced to me were so simple and effective I can recall them daily allowing me to put them into practise instantly when I recognise the disruptive behaviours in myself, my team and others around me. Another great benefit was being able to call Michael to talk through difficult problems that arose and he would always offer a very calm and experienced perspective that has helped balance my own thought processes in a very turbulent time in retail. Would definitely recommend working with Michael if you are looking for a clear, compassionate and effective leadership coach.

Bryony Bennett, Design Manager, Target

I have been working with Michael for the last five months through his executive coaching program. During this time Michael has operated as a wingman for me – helping me see things that I would otherwise miss, helping me see things on the horizon and helping me coach and develop my own team. Not only has Michael helped me develop professionally, he has also helped me create more time and space to spend with my young family. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough for anyone considering an executive coach.’

James Ryall, Chief Scientific Officer, Vow

‘Working with IMLD couldn’t have come at a better time in my career. Taking the time and space to work with a coach regularly has enabled me to raise my management skills and focus on the important areas of development. Michael provides support at a high level but also with the day-to-day tricky things that we all have to tackle, and its makes a huge difference knowing you have that support to call on.’

Summar Hammam, Director, Peerless JAL

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Why Would You Do Leadership Training Right Now?

Why would you do leadership training right now? Because the expectations of leaders – from their teams and from society in general – has increased dramatically.
There is now an expectation of needing to share the reason why, be responsible for themselves and for others, as well as being honest, authentic in their demeanour and caring for the welfare of their team in a way that is actually appreciated by the team.

Managing this blend of skills, emotions and behaviours takes some effort – not only to get the right balance, but to feel confident in yourself that you are meeting your and your team’s expectations.
The thing is – you don’t have to do it alone.


Why Leadership Training?

Every leader should have a ‘tune up’ or a check in every now and again – to ensure that you are leading with best practice, or even just to ask yourself 4 questions:

  • What should I start doing?
  • What should I stop doing
  • What should I do more of?
  • What should I do less of?

Answering these questions questions against the context of self, team, business and culture often comes back to leadership.
Are you comfortable in your leadership skills? Are you the most efficient and effective leader you can be?
If you have any doubt, it might be time for some leadership training or leadership coaching to get you back to peak performance.
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The Executive Leadership Program

The Executive Leadership Program is the signature leadership course of Developing Leaders. It is a 12-month program run as 2 separate phases – Introduction and Advanced. For more information on the Program, get in touch HERE

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Has Task Volume Overwhelmed Your Leadership Capacity?

Has the volume of tasks that you need to complete overwhelmed your leadership capacity at present? Have you ever felt that busy, that you actually can’t get anything done? Scanning from left to right, looking at all the tasks and actions to complete, but rendered motionless because of feeling of overwhelm (which can then look like procrastination)?
Sometimes it takes someone else to notice this for you.
Because chances are, the people around you have noticed this before you have.
Sometimes you just need to put your hand up and say I need some help with this – I can’t see the wood from the trees.

Leadership Capacity

Take that moment to sit back and review and scan the tasks. Avoid the need to get in and ‘do it!’ – just for a few minutes – to sort out some basic priorities (based on time, need, time available, due date) and put a little bit of order to the chaos.
I am a huge fan of a ‘to do’ list – even if it is just to get all of the random thoughts out of your head and onto paper.
If you can’t see the wood from the trees or feel overwhelmed with too many tasks – you aren’t alone. It isn’t a bad thing – just a learning thing. Responsibility (generally a great leadership trait) can cause us drama when it is overused.
If you are struggling with overwhelm – reach out – we can help you see the wood from the trees and help you take that next step with confidence.
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Leadership Coaching

Are you looking to become a leader that others will follow? Take a look at our Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Skills Workshops as a great place to start.

Not sure where to start or what you need? Reach out and spend 15 minutes with one of our experienced coaches or facilitators to discuss your need. click on the LINK to book a time!

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