Leaders Create Purpose And Values For Their Teams

Leaders create purpose and values for their teams. What a fun and rewarding experience to work with the team at Pure Fishing to help them create their new 2023 Vision, Purpose and Values! These series of workshops involved a wonderful collaboration between senior managers and team members, with the result being a series of statements and values that capture the ‘perfectly imperfect’ nature of this unique business, as well as capture the heart, soul and competitiveness of this wonderful team.

Like most Purpose and Values statements, the power is in the creation and collaboration as well as the fina words.

Thank you Mitch Birt for the opportunity to work with you and your team again, and a huge thank you to the wonderful bunch of leaders and contributors in Jayson deForrest-HaddletonNathan ScanesMark PhillipsMark StephensonShannon RoseLoryn ChaplinJacob Bishop, Eva Martin, Kareena Hardie, Kayden Dhyon.
It was a pleasure to work and learn with you all – you have produced something really special!
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Developing Leaders – Purpose & Values Workshops

The Purpose and Values workshops are a unique leadership and development offering offering clarity to leadership teams and businesses regarding their focus, goals, aspirations and direction. utilising concepts from Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ and Bill George’s ‘True North‘, the Purpose and Values workshops disparate ideas, preferences and personal values and mould them into a cohesive values framework with associated clear behaviours. An absolute must for any business looking to take their leadership teams, cultures and businesses to the next stage of development.