Leaders don’t need to be perfect!

Leaders don’t need to be perfect! The need and desire for perfection not only stops many amazing potential leaders from becoming leaders, it also stops current leaders from trying or doing something new.
Team members aren’t looking for perfection – they are looking for someone real, someone who cares about them and their wellbeing, and who is honest and open enough to admit to mistakes. Teams and individuals will forgive a lot if their leader can openly take responsibility for their mistakes, and work and learn to be better.
So much of leadership is about CHOICE – the choice to learn, the choice to listen and the choice to be real. OR the choice to seek perfection at all costs, the choice to blame and make excuses, and the choice to ‘pass the buck’ and let others handle the load.
To become the leader that everyone wants to work for – start with doing your best, openly seeking feedback, praising behaviour as you see it and taking all opportunities as learning opportunities.
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Leadership Coaching

Are you looking to become a leader that others will follow? Take a look at our Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Skills Workshops as a great place to start.

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What does it take to become a Leader that others follow?

What does it take to become a leader that others want to follow?

  • Is it drive / motivation?
  • Is it confidence?
  • Is it a clear purpose of what you want to do and where you want to take your team / business?
  • Is it the ability to coach and train a team?
  • Is it the ability to be be selfless and put your team’s welfare above your yours?
  • Is it discipline and will?
  • Is it empathy and understanding of people’s needs?
  • Is it the ability to work with a wide variety of people and work out how to get the best out of them?
  • It is the experience to know what to say and when to say it?
  • Is it the experience to know what to do and when to do it?
  • Is it keeping people safe, happy and motivated?
  • Is it being a role model – both in how you speak and how you behave?
  • Is it a desire to learn more and be more?
  • Is it being ‘real and authentic’ for your team?
  • Is it about building and cultivating trust?

Truth is, it is about all of these things and more. Becoming a leader that others want to follow takes expertise, will, skill and persistence. It takes a desire to learn and willingness to be vulnerable.

Become the Leader that Others Want to Follow

The great thing is that these skills, behaviours and attitudes can be taught and learnt, experienced and practiced.

? What do you need to do today to be a leader that others will follow? What do you need to start doing? Stop doing? Do more of? Do less of?

Take a moment to consider your response – then put it into action. It could be the very first step you take to have others follow yours……


Are you looking to become a leader that others will follow? Take a look at our Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Skills Workshops as a great place to start.

Not sure where to start or what you need? Reach out and spend 15 minutes with one of our experienced coaches or facilitators to discuss your need. click on the LINK to book a time!


Is Leadership Training Worth It? Learn More

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4 Additional Tips For Leaders To Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

What are some additional tips for leaders that can help to reduce stress and overwhelm? So, I’ll come up with a couple, but one I already mentioned was the ‘Creating some hour meetings for yourself in your calendar’ So that you can actually tasks done, rather than having to repeat, repeat, repeat, with constant interruptions.

Tip 1 For Leaders – Your Own Meetings

So, one, being kind to yourself and making sure you’re creating some hour meetings to get things done. The second things I’ve noticed with a lot of leaders is that they don’t have all of their tasks or all of their ‘to-do’ in the one place. It might be on a written list that they’ve got down, some Post-It notes, here, there, and everywhere. A checklist, or a Slack Meeting that has some tasks there. Their email has got the same thing. And all of their tasks are everywhere. So one suggestion to take some control back would be to grab all of those things, and put them in the one place. Whether it’s an electronic diary, whether it’s a hardcopy diary, whatever, it doesn’t really matter, so long as it’s actually in the one place… and you can take it with you to where you happen to be working.


Alright, so if you’re working from home, and you’re working at the office, that you can use the same thing. Alright, so I think that would be the second tip; pulling all of your tasks into one spot, so as you’re thinking on something, or it’s there, it always ends up in the one place. So, you’re not going to miss anything.

I think part of the stress of feeling overworked, is having to be thinking of 5 different places, or worse, just having every task in your head! Alright, so that’d be second tip.

Tip 3 For The Leaders – Daily Catch Up

The third tip, would be, actually just having a daily catch up with all of your team. Whether that is really short one-on-ones, or whether it’s as a group. Having a daily catch up, no longer than 10 minutes, where people know it’s consistent, and they can bring out any of their issues or discussion points to that 10 minute discussion. The purpose of this is, when it’s consistent, and it’s regular, people just know they can have access to you, and ask for responses to questions, get signatures, answers, at a consistent time each day, rather than having to constantly interrupt and harass you throughout the day for small little things, they might just carry it over and do it in one hit. Which gives you some more clear airtime.

And the last one would probably be coming back to how you’re managing tasks again… One thing I’ve certainly noticed with, the difference between leaders that are managing things really well, and not, is how they go about managing those tasks. Whether ‘A’, They’ve got them all listed in the one spot, but 2, the really good managers at this have prioritised what they need to do, whether you think if this as Priority 1, 2, 3. Small, Medium, Large… I think  of it as Rock, Pebbles, Sand.

Like a Steven Covey type of idea, but also being able to add how long you think the task is going to take. This is something I see many to do lists just missing. And leaders particularly that those that like to get lots of things done, seems to match up with being chronic under-estimators of time. So, if this is going to take 15 minutes or half an hour, just noting that against the task. So if you are short of time, you’re not taking on something that’s too big for the time that you’ve got allocated, and you’re repeating, repeating.

So they’d be my suggestions for overwork. So what was it? Setting meetings for yourself. Putting all your to-do list items in the one spot. Creating short meetings, regular meetings for your team, every day. And then, with your to-do list, making sure that you’re either allocating how much time you think it’s going to take, or prioritising it, in some way, shape or form. They’d be the quick, easy wins for destressing a leaders life.

The Emerging Leaders Program

This is one of many simple yet practical ideas that are included in the Emerging Leaders Program. For more information on the Program, get in touch HERE

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How Will You Be A Better Leader Today Than Yesterday?

How will you be a better leader today than you were yesterday?
? More empathy?
? More effective listening?
? More efficient use of time?
? More focussed?
? More understanding?
? Less procrastination?
? Less judgement?

What action will you take to be a better leader today than you were yesterday? Little actions can impact your own behaviour, the culture of your team and the results of your business.


8 Signs You’re A Good Leader and Manager

Being a good leader or manager can be difficult in any organisation and small business. There are many people, projects, and problems to keep track of. You may have days where you question your skills or even wonder how to be a good manager. 

8 Signs That You Have the Qualities of Good Leadership

When you go home in the evening, reflect on how you handled the events of the day. Also, strive to take notice of what you do in the moment so you can identify any places for improvement.

  1. You Focus on Teamwork

There’s no “i” in “team!” A respectable leader uses “we” language and navigates progress in the context of their fellow employees. They celebrate successes as a group and expect everyone to step up in the face of failure. Managers who cultivate a culture of collaboration in their business increase job satisfaction and productivity. 

  1. You Have Healthy Boundaries

Quality leaders know how to separate personal and professional relationships. Instead of letting emotions cloud their judgment, they strive to ensure mutually respectful relationships with all employees. They see the value of a proper work-life balance and always check on their team for signs of burnout. 

  1. You Show Your Care For Each Team Member

The best managers work to establish trust and connection with everyone in the office. They do their best to remember hobbies, family members’ names, and exciting events. Well-loved leaders aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with their staff about their lives and want people to see them as more than a “boss.” With this in mind, they also refrain from oversharing and prying into the intimate details of others’ lives.

Great Leaders and Managers Have a Big Impact On Their Teams
Great Leaders and Managers Have a Big Impact On Their Teams
  1. You’re Willing to Admit Your Mistakes

A manager who is humble enough to admit when they’re wrong has one of the most valuable qualities of a good leader. They are always willing to apologize and ask for help. This behavior encourages other team members and makes them feel more comfortable owning up to their mistakes, creating a more productive environment.

  1. You Pay Attention to Staff Feedback

A leader who listens to suggestions and complaints is vital to the success of a business. A good manager takes the initiative to implement meaningful changes in their workplace, creating a safe, comfortable space for all employees.

  1. You Acknowledge Wins

It can be exhausting for a team to only hear about their mistakes and failures. Celebrating wins is critical to good morale in any company. Acknowledging success can make your team members feel proud, satisfied, and appreciated, encouraging them to keep working hard!

  1. You Demonstrate Trust

No one likes a micromanager. Instead of looking over your employees’ shoulders while they work on a project, delegate and let go! Let your team know you’re there if they need help, but trust that they know what they’re doing. This attitude encourages your staff to grow and do their best while simultaneously lightening your workload!

  1. You Understand Your Strengths

Self- reflection is a critically important tool for a leader, and the ability to understand your strengths and your limitations is of great benefit to you and your team. Understanding your strengths ensures that you place yourself in situations where your strengths can be utilised, and you use your team’s strengths for area you are less comfortable / able in – without fear of how this will be seen.

A Good Leader and Manager Always Strives to Be Better

Maybe you already know how to be a good manager, or perhaps there are a few things you need to improve. Tools such as leadership training and assessments can help build a leadership profile to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. The truth is that management positions require much hard work, but if you put in the time and effort to build a positive work environment for your staff, you will find your career incredibly rewarding.

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What Is The Best Thing A Leader Can Do Right Now? – VIDEO

What is the best thing a leader can do right now? The best thing to do is to complete a leadership assessment. The most important thing a leader can do right now is actually get a gauge on:

  • what they are really good at,
  • what they are not good at, and
  • where they can develop specifically around those skill sets.

So, how they can strengthen what they are already good at, and with what they are not good at, what they can, what they build to work on that.

In the

In the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint, one of the key measures is being able to see how responsibility you are versus how accountable you are. From that, you learn what actions that you take for yourself, and what actions you take for your team.


In addition, you can look at other behaviour trait pairings, such as how good an active listener you are versus how good is your verbal communication. ie. Are you speaking more to your team than listening, or are you always listening and holding back from sharing your thoughts.

To be able to get that level of detail, and know very specifically – at this time – what you need to develop your leadership skills right now – that would be the best thing that a leader could do.

The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint

This is one of many simple yet practical ideas that are included in the Emerging Leaders Program, the Executive Leadership Program and Executive Leadership Coaching.

It all starts with completing a leadership assessment – our Velocity Leadership Checkpoint. To find out more, or to get a link to the CheckPoint Questionnaire, get in touch HERE

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