‘One Size Fits’ Leadership Training Does Not Work

‘One size fits all’ leadership training does not work – and wastes significant time and money as leaders are forced into models and theories that don’t suit their strengths.

The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint guides us in knowing where individuals are getting stuck in their leadership and difficult conversations pathways, as well as develop training/coaching and experiential learning that suits their individual strengths and development needs. Could the CheckPoint guide your leaders to their strengths? #coach #management #training #leadership #developingleaders


Broken team rules breed distrust and lack of harmony

Too many Managers and Leaders set team rules of behaviour for their teams without consideration of the other teams / leaders in their business. A rule / behaviour set for one team that is not enforced or implemented in another team in the business creates resentment, confusion and mistrust. To impact business behaviours and cultures positively, time needs to be taken for all Leaders and Managers to get ‘on the same page’ and agree what they won’t stand for and won’t walk past, and what they will. Your team and business deserves consistency from its leadership. #leadershipcoach #businesscoaching #developingleaders #highperformingteams


1 Simple Change to Your ‘To-Do’ List to Maximise Your Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership effectiveness can be drastically improved with one little change to you To Do list. ‘To-Do’ Lists – most of us have them – either written own, on our phones or in software. While priorities and tasks are good, they often miss one crucial piece of information for a busy Manager or leader – ‘How long will this task take?’. Rather than starting a large tasks again and again between meetings (and often repeating the same part of the task as you reacquaint yourself with what you were doing), pick a task that can be completed in the time that you have. It will make a huge difference to what you feel like you achieved in a day. #businesscoach #timemanagement #leader #developingleaders