Experiential training is crucial for high-performing teams – and doesn’t cost the Earth. High Performing Teams take time to learn and improve their skills. It doesn’t need to be complicated or cost thousands – this experiential activity completed after one of our high performing team workshops requires planning, good communication, an ability to adapt, learning from feedback from each other, a healthy dose of trial and error and a good leader or team member coordinating efforts. All good traits for a high performing team.

The advantage of experiential activities such as this:
– they put skills into practice, 
– they reinforce learning
– are easily remembered for months after training (whereas theories may not be)
– they use all of your senses and are fun
Want to try it with your team?
5, 7 or 9 people (needs to be an odd number) – each with a ball. The aim is to throw and catch the ball (everyone has to throw the ball at the same time) 20 times without dropping. You can’t throw it the person on the immediate left or right of you.The best is 20 throw/catch in 17 seconds.
How would you go?
Huge thanks to the team at 4Legs Pet Food Company for constantly seeking to challenge themselves and learn more as leaders and team members.
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