Before leaders and managers can lead others, they must be able to lead themselves – as well as look after themselves.

I ❤️❤️ Adam Grant‘s post here – especially the parts about rest and breaks.

For many leaders, the idea of a rest or a break seems like a sign of weakness. I have stopped counting the number of managers and leaders that I have coached in Executive Leadership Coaching sessions, that when asked if they take a lunch break, answer ‘never’. They are often also the first in and last out of their office. You can see the fatigue on their faces – and they often don’t know a different way of doing things. While the thinking is often that they need to ‘lead by example’ – what is the example they are setting?

Leaders and Managers Must Look After Their Own Welfare As Well As Their Teams

Think of it this way. Is it better to be at work 100% of the time, working at 60% efficiency (due to tiredness and fatigue), or 85% of the time at 85% efficiency? The former provides opportunity for burnout, the latter a path (perhaps) to sustained efficiency.

Which Leaders and Managers Set The Worst Examples?

The worst people at setting this example: leaders and managers.
The worst micro-group: small business and family business leaders and managers.

These groups aren’t looking to set a bad example – in fact, it is often the exact opposite. These leaders work incredibly hard and put their team and business first (and often second and third). But it is that kind of selflessness that puts themselves last; sacrificing themselves, their time and their energy to get things done. Basically, this is not sustainable. The hard part is getting out of the habit.

Taking a set break, and working a set number of hours, is good for your sustained health and the sustained health of your team and business.

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