First You Must Lead Yourself

21 Aug 2021

First You Must Lead Yourself

Before leaders can lead others, you must be able to lead yourself – as well as look after themselves.

I ❤️❤️ Adam Grant‘s post here – especially the parts about rest and breaks.

For many leaders, the idea of a rest or a break seems like a sign of weakness. I have stopped counting the number of managers and leaders that I have coached, that when asked if they take a lunch break, answer ‘never’. They are often also the first in and last out of their office. You can see the fatigue on their faces – and they often don’t know a different way of doing things. While the thinking is often that they need to ‘lead by example’ – what is the example they are setting?

Think of it this way. Is it better to be at work 100% of the time, working at 60% efficiency (due to tiredness and fatigue), or 85% of the time at 85% efficiency? The former provides opportunity for burnout, the latter a path (perhaps) to sustained efficiency.

The worst people at setting this example: leaders and managers.
The worst micro-group: small business and family business leaders and managers.

Taking a set break, and working a set number of hours, is good for your sustained health and the sustained health of your team and business.
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