I learnt last year that Vinnies support for the homeless is incredibly valuable, providing meals, beds and shelter where it is most needed. The reasons for being homeless are incredibly varied –  being thrown out of home, whether it was due to violence, feeling unwanted or being unable to pay rent, medical illness and bills that couldn’t be paid, or unfortunate timing that puts people of all ages on the streets – the simple fact is none of them want to be there.

The Sleepout seeks to raise funds for Vinnies to help to address this problem. Homelessness doesn’t need research for a cure, it doesn’t need anything special  – it needs funds. That is where I am asking for your help.

I’m sure you’ve seen homeless people in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane – you may have passed them on the street, maybe bought them a coffee – often they won’t ask for money. Often, they won’t look you in the eye – I assume because of embarrassment, fear, tiredness, or being ashamed to ask.

So I’m gonna do something that makes me uncomfortable – look you right in the eye and ask you for money. Your small donation CAN and WILL make a difference. I am reaching out to you – my LinkedIn or Facebook contacts and friends – to take one small step to preventing this very preventable cause – I know you have the money – can you take 60 seconds to click on the page below and make a donation?

Thank you for your help.

My CEO Sleepout Donation Page

Michael Peiniger

CEO Kameleons – Developing Leaders