07 Nov 2015

‘It Takes a Team To Fulfil a Dream’

Early in my career I was blessed with a team member (Andrew) who asked me a simple question. ‘How can I voice my disagreement with your ideas when we are in public?’. He asked it genuinely and with a desire to help keep me on the right track – his intent was to provide valuable feedback without seeking to embarrass me in front of the team. I admit that I didn’t know how to answer the question at the time – he and I took the time to work out a way that worked for us. It proved invaluable. There were several times in that job where either my impulsiveness, desire to get something done quickly or my first emotion led me to come up with an idea that was not the best for the team. Andrew would question the idea in his own way, and I knew that I needed to think through my decision or ask for more input from my team.

Andrew proved invaluable to me as a leader not only in that role, but in my growth as a leader. When I have worked for other leaders, I have asked a similar question and started a discussion on how to best achieve things together. I have also encouraged my team to challenge and push me on my ideas and decisions (even when I seem very set and enthusiastic about an idea!)

Ask yourself the following 5 questions to keep you on track and fulfil on your dreams / goals:

1. Who is on your team that is helping to fulfil on your dream?

2. Who challenges you to achieve more, do more and be more?

3. Who questions your ideas and decisions and ensure they align with your purpose and vision?

4. Who challenges your ideas and your thinking to come up with the best solution?

5. Who is strong enough to disagree with you for your benefit?

If you don’t have someone within your business that can fulfil on role of ‘honest advisor’, then it it worth seeking someone out to fulfil that role until you can grow it internally within your business. ‘A team that fulfils on a dream’ can not only be a reality – they can ensure you make far less mistakes than you need to on the journey as well as share in the success when you get there.



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