As the team you are responsible for gets larger – it is certainly worth focussing some time on the jobs / tasks that you NEED to continue doing, and reviewing the tasks that you NEED to let go of as a leader. Often tasks are maintained because of personal preference or comfort, not because of operational need. Two simple ideas included in our Emerging Leaders Program:
?Simple Monday Review: Take a look at the tasks in your To Do list. Are they things that you NEED to be doing today / this week? Can they be done by someone else or do they need to be done at all? 
?What is the work that only you can do? This should be your focus.
Some very pertinent points in the article below – may favourite was “Success becomes more about mastering a few key skills: hiring exceptional leaders, building self-reliant teams, establishing a clear vision, and communicating well. People who master those skills will be well-equipped to lead teams of any size.” Wise words.
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