Leadership is not a birthright and it is not something passed from one family or generation to the other.

Leadership is both a responsibility and a reward – most importantly it is a choice.

Importantly, leadership can be learned, improved and worked upon like any other business skill or behaviour. One key to improvement is knowing where you skills – your strengths and your development areas – are right now. Not how they were 5 years ago in a different role, nor how they will be in the future – what are they right now.

They say that ‘what isn’t measured, isn’t done’ – and the same applies to leadership and leadership development.

If you want to know how your leadership skills and behaviours rate – take a look at the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint page of the website. Like hundreds of others, you can complete the questionnaire and find out how your skills rate. Some leaders and managers have said that it was the greatest insight they have received regarding their leadership development and awareness of their behaviours and skills.

If you want to take a step forward on your leadership journey – no matter how long you have been not the path – complete the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint today.