Is your personal leadership as efficient and effective as it could be? What is your ‘default’ personal leadership style? Are Blame, Excuses or Shame part of your personal leadership behaviour pattern? ?‍♂️ When you are under stress, pressure, tiredness – what is your ‘default’ inefficient behaviour? Not knowing has not only an impact on you, but on your team members and peers as well.

??‍♂️ Are you a Blamer? Pointing the finger at someone else for what has taken place?

??‍♂️ Are you Lenient? Lightening, reduce or lessen the impact of actions to make it easier on yourself or another person?

??‍♂️ Do you make Excuses? ‘But’ and ‘because’ are excuse words that are often used when an action has not taken place.

??‍♂️ Do you Exonerate? Would you rather ‘sweep it under the carpet’ and forget about it so no one is to blame?

??‍♂️ Do you Defend? You know you are wrong, and you maintain a set position as a default, without questioning or reason.

??‍♂️ Do you Shame yourself? The opposite of Blame – do you point the finger at yourself and ‘beat yourself up’ about your actions rather than taking action?

Take a moment – what is your default? Identifying and reflecting on your ‘go to’ inefficient behaviour shows strength rather than weakness – it helps you prevent these behaviours from staying around longer than needed (and we all do all of them to an extent).

Working our your efficient and inefficient behaviours is just one topic within our Executive Leadership Coaching program designed to improve your leadership, your relationship with your team and your ability to lead effectively. Executive Leadership Coaching builds confidence, improves efficiency and improves your communication skills, particularly with difficult conversations.

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