I was trying to think on a post that inspired / felt positive this morning upon the announcement of yet another lockdown. I couldn’t find it. Small businesses are the heartbeat of a community – seems to fit the bill.

Just prior to lockdown, I found this written on the wall of a local pub and it resonated with me. I am lucky enough to work with many leaders of small businesses – the lifeblood of the community.

While I know that I will get through this lockdown – and whatever happens next – I know that the emotions and frustrations of many of us are different. The impact on us, as well as our small businesses, is just as varied as the people that live here.

I just wanted to reach out and say that if you are struggling with this latest lockdown, and just need someone to talk to or vent your frustrations with, DM me or follow my contact details and contact – you don’t have to deal with this on your own.
M ❤️