What does an Executive Leadership Coach do? How does an Executive Leadership Coach develop leadership strengths and skills in CEO’s, General Managers and small / family business owners? By:

Supporting and Guiding (rather than leading) the Way,

An effective leadership coach brings a myriad of skills and behaviours to assist leaders, including coaching, mentoring and training. The truly successful leadership coaches know that they are not the hero of the story – you are. Theya re there to guide, develop and nurture your leadership skills so you become the leader that others want to follow.

Building Skills and Leadership Strengths,

Leadership coaching is more than just building on areas of weakness, it is also about harnessing and fully utilising your innate strengths. A great coach uses these strengths to overcome weaknesses or adapt to a better way of working. t Developing Leaders, we use the Velocity Leadership Checkpoint to provide clarity on strengths and development areas, and work with clients to develop their own coaching outcomes.

Provides Direction and Clarity,

An executive coach will not only advise and motivate you, but they’ll also keep you moving toward your goals. When getting to know you and your staff, they’ll learn more about what motivates and drives you so they can keep you accountable to your goals and your team. They can give you a helping hand when you need it or a push in the right direction if necessary.

Actively Listens and Questions,

A professional who offers executive leadership coaching can listen without judgment and offer qualified and private counsel to help you overcome your doubts.

To effectively guide their clients, a coach must first get to know them and their work style. A good coach will ask questions before offering guidance so they can learn more about your current stressors, thoughts on work, and future goals. They may ask you what makes you happy in your career, what motivates and inspires you, and what frustrates you about your current position. Only then can they help you navigate forward on a successful path. They’ll offer personalized guidance to help you become the best leader you can be and provide you with the practical tools needed to work through forthcoming rough patches.

Builds Confidence,

No matter where you are on the corporate ladder, it’s only natural to have anxieties and fears. But as a leader, you may feel incapable of sharing your worries or doubts without being judged by your peers or crossing boundaries with your subordinates. A leadership coach is an ideal person to work through those fears with, and develop skills, habits and behaviours that build your confidence in your role.

Safely Explores Other Options,

What are the other options that I have? Is my view / idea the right one? Leadership coaches can help share alternative views and ideas from which you can determine what is the best course of action for you, your team and your business. It is easy to become myopic and only see things from one perspective – a leadership coach can help you see things from different angles to determine a best course of action.

Holds to Account, and

When you are the CEO or owner of a small business, you are the boss. Who holds you to account? Leadership coaches can assist leaders by not only only holding to account, but assist in determining the most important priorities and holding you to them. Some people work best when they are being driven to a deadline, others like to be cheered on to success. A successful leadership coach works out what you need for optimal performance and provides it for you.

Encourages and Cheers You On.

When you’re working to achieve a goal, it can be all too easy to overlook the small wins on the path. A coach will cheer on your successes, both big and small. They may encourage you to take a step back to appreciate your journey, recognize the labor it took you and your team to get there and celebrate your successes. Acknowledging your wins can help you become more appreciative and grateful for your team and hard work. It can also help to motivate you and provide a framework for reaching your larger goals. An executive coach is there to help you understand what steps got you where you are now and how they can be replicated in the future. They’ll also encourage you to keep up your great work and continue down the path toward success.

Executive Leadership Coach

Executive Leadership Coach

If you need support (rather than judgement) in building your leadership skills for the benefit of you, your team and your business, why not engage a Executive Leadership Coach?

Clients that rated themselves as a 4 or 5 out of 10 for confidence, communication and leadership skills regularly rate as 8 or 9 out of 10 after working with one of our team. Those same people highlighted reduced stress, better time management and seeing things from a different perspective as huge benefits to the leadership coaching process.

What difference would moving your leadership skill from a 5 to an 8 make for your team and business?

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