Are you a leader that team members will stay for? We have all worked for a leader or manager that made us want to leave, but have you worked for a leader or manager that made you want to stay? ??‍♂️As a leader and manager, are you displaying the types of behaviours that want your team to stay and work with you?

Do you know what they are? It is worth asking your team what they value from your (a leaders) behaviour – they may have expectations you are blind to.

In my experience, there are a couple of golden behaviours that are appreciated by teams:

?listen to concerns – actually listen and show you heard

?show understanding and empathy for ALL circumstances

?create a vision others can get on board with

?provide opportunities to grow – coach where you can

?trust others, and display behaviours others can trust in you

?be open and honest and share your perspective

?set boundaries and uphold them for all, including you

?do what you say you will do

Do you live up to this list? Have you worked for someone who fulfils on this list? It takes something to display behaviours that others will stay for.

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