07 Jul 2020

Are You a More Responsible or Accountable Leader?

Are you more of a Responsible 👈 or Accountable 👉 leader? Do you push yourself harder than your team (more Responsible) or your team harder than yourself (more Accountable)? Or are your responsibility / accountability behaviours in balance?

Not knowing could be having a negative effect on either yourself as leader or your team.

🔼 Too responsible (without the corresponding level of accountability) and you will take on more than you should (ie. ‘It is just easier for me to do it’), and probably be a little resentful because of it.

🔽 Too accountable (without the corresponding level of responsibility) and too much is placed upon your team, which they will become resentful of.

▶️ Knowing the balance – the right balance – is worth investigating. If getting the right balance is of interest to you, DM me. Our CheckPoint tool measures the balance between your Responsibility / Accountability and we can work with you to restore the efficiency and effectiveness in your work life.

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