Questioning if you are doing leadership ‘right’? When it comes to leading your business / team / culture – do you feel like an imposter? Perhaps it is time to ask yourself if you are doing the work or avoiding the work – and if your team is missing out on the magic that your great leadership could bring.

The leadership magic you are looking is in the work you are avoiding
People romanticise their plans but dread the execution. Bri Stevens was onto something with this quote! A powerful reminder that the path to growth and transformation is often through the things we fear the most.

When it comes to leadership development, there is no ‘magic pill’ that will make you a successful, credible, authentic leader. It takes practice, learning, reflection – a mistakes along the way – and some more learning, reflection and execution. That said – leadership can be taught and leadership can be learnt – and it takes work. Are you doing the work or avoiding the work?

What are you avoiding in the work you need to do? What action can you take to rectify the situation? Do you need to take a step back and review, or do you need to ask for help on something you are stuck on?

There are very few people immune to avoiding certain parts of our work – myself included. This quote hit home (hard!) on two pieces of work that have been sitting in the background – important but not urgent work. Work that when done, would / could make a huge difference to the other work that I do. But it is a stretch – will take me out of my comfort zone – and there is a chance it won’t work how I want it to – and that is part (not all) of the reason for my avoidance.
What is the work that you are avoiding?

Need Help in Developing Your Leadership Skills?

We can help you build the leadership skills and behaviours you need to successfully lead your team with confidence. We understand the lack of confidence and ‘imposter syndrome’ that can come with leading others in a stressful environment without having the necessary leadership and management skills taught to you. Just like many of you, we were thrust into leadership positions before we were ready, and had to sink or swim – much of the time we had our hand in the air signifying we were drowning, not waving. But your experience doesn’t need to be like ours – you can take the safe, practical, tried and tested leadership skills we have developed over time and apply them with your team.

Through our Executive Leadership Coaching, Leadership Programs and Leadership workshops, we can work with you to bring you back on track, feel confident in your leadership position, and become a leader that others choose follow.

Simply fill out some basic details on the Contact Page and we will be in touch to get you started on a confident leadership experience.

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