Developing your leadership skills? You need to overcome your internal friction of fears, doubt, confidence and risk / reward.
Developing your team? Again, you need to overcome fear, doubt and confidence for yourself + the fears and doubts of others. Add to that the interpersonal friction of different ideas, goals, aspirations, emotions, experience etc

As humans, team members, leaders, managers – we don’t work in a vacuum – our success is based on our ability to overcome difficulties and develop interpersonal relationships – which requires a need (and skill set) to overcome internal and external friction to move forward.

Leadership Skills

Fear, lack of confidence, lack of experience or avoidance of friction (and procrastination) – both within ourselves and with others – are incredibly common behaviours.

With learning and practise, they can also be readily overcome to move yourself forward.

If you are feeling stuck and letting potential friction get in the way of your success and moving forward, perhaps its time to talk with someone who can help you overcome it.
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