Anyone else had a messy week? ? I realised this week that leadership success can take many paths. I really wanted the week to feel like Image 1, but it has taken place a lot more like Image 2! A step backwards, a shift to the side, a move forwards, and while I know that all of those steps will be moving me / us forward, there are times it can still feel like going in the other direction. I also realised that it took some effort to recognise Image 1 when everything felt like Image 2.

I couldn’t quite show in the image all of the ‘forks in the road’ and the decision / choice points along the way this week – if you run your own business or manage a group of people, you know what I mean.

I also couldn’t show the full range of emotions that come with leading a group through this path either – the motivation, the purpose and the drive almost equally matches by the doubt, the excuses and the frustration at not moving faster.

Leadership Success can Take Many Paths - Leadership Coaching Can Provide That Perspective
Leadership Success can Take Many Paths – Leadership Coaching Can Provide That Perspective

Recognising Leadership Success Takes Perspective

In this post I guess I am offering a bit of perspective.

And it comes with looking at this graphic in a different way after taking the time to take a breath and look at the last couple of months with some fresh eyes and a different perspective.

For all leaders working with teams – and doing the firefighting of addressing problems and seeking solutions, it is often going to look and feel like Image 2.

But if you take a moment, stand right back, and look at your role / your tasks / your business and your personal development, it probably looks a lot more like Image 1. It is this kind of ‘perspective shift’ that leaders experience when working with us one-on-one in Executive Leadership Coaching or Executive Coaching. Why in coaching? because when you are in the middle of the task and helping / working with others, it can be really hard to see ‘the wood from the trees’ unless you consciously think about it. Coaching can help with providing that perspective.

Take a breath, step back and get some perspective, and see that ‘Our Reality’ day to day can often match ‘Our Expectation’ long term.

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