Getting the balance right with difficult conversations can take some effort. Confession time: Sometimes my explanations are nowhere near as good as the explanations of the leaders and managers I am working with.
That was the case yesterday.

The Emerging Leaders Program Workshop 8 was all about overcoming FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) in having a difficult conversation and not be overly empathetic to our team. The NICE acronym (Nothing In Me Cares Enough – To Pull You Up) was used / created, and I thought I had made a beautiful link between the feeling of uncomfortableness you experience in an aircraft varying pitch with the uncomfortableness of having a difficult conversation.

Then the truth bomb in the image was shared by one of the leaders I was working with.

If the FEAR and uncomfortableness of a conversation outweighs the benefits of having it, then it won’t happen. ? Simple yet highly effective!

So as leaders, we can increased our chances of having a meaningful, difficult conversation in two ways:

? Increase you thoughts on the perceived benefits of having the conversation (the benefit for the person, for you, for the business, for the team), and / or

? Decrease the fear and trepidation of having the conversation (it is real or imagined?, can you practise saying it with others)

A huge thank you to the leaders and Managers of the Emerging Leaders Program at Summer Foundation Ltd (in particular Alecia Rathbone and Joanne E Mear for the opportunity) – it has been a pleasure working and sharing with you this year – and really looking forward to the next workshops in 2022!
P.S. Great thought Nicholas K. – I hope the image did it justice.

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