It is said that ‘before you can lead others, you must lead yourself’. Raising the bar for executive leadership coaching takes not only skill and effort, but also a focus on personal development and training. I also believe that to be an effective leadership coach, you need to be willing to be coached yourself – after all, if you don’t believe in the process, why should potential clients?

A humble brag (and sense of relief) this morning – and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Day 4 of International Coaching Week. Yesterday I received my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation, and honestly I couldn’t be happier as well as a little relieved.
At the start of the pandemic I set myself the goal of restarting the accreditation process after a heartbreaking early setback.
Early in my coaching practise I trusted too quickly and partnered with an organisation that said they were ICF aligned / accredited, and after more than 900 hours of client coaching, I discovered they weren’t. I had to the opportunity to work with some amazing businesses and clients, gained some valuable experience as an executive coach, but from an ICF perspective – 0 hours. The PCC recognises more than 250 hours of coach training (through ACC and PCC coach training and mentoring), as well as more than 500 hours of additional client coaching.

At the Institute of Management & Leadership Development, we strongly believe in the importance of accreditation in the coaching and facilitation space, seeking only to work / collaborate with coaches that are focussed on their personal and professional development, recognised through ICF benchmarks and standards. While this is no guarantee of excellence in coaching, it goes a long way to ensuring a standard benchmark and common language in the coaching process – providing more trust and surety for our amazing clients.
Thank you to the amazing group of coaches that guided me through this process, including Jo Lanigan (MCC)Evan Spargo (MCC) and Jayantha Fernando PCC and other amazing coaches through Coach Masters Academy Global.
Thank you also to the clients and pro-bono coachees that partnered with me to try new coaching techniques and provided valuable coaching feedback and insights.
It has been a pleasure to coach and learn with some amazingly skilled coaches and facilitators. I am looking forward to continue to grow and develop my executive coaching skills and applying that learning within IMLD’s executive leadership coaching programs. Thank you!
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