The best advice for leaders ⅔ of the way through 2023 is the same as it was at the start of 2023. If you want to start your leadership journey, improve your leadership skills with your current team or work out what behaviours are holding you back – the best place to start is with a leadership assessment.
Learn what current leadership strengths you that you can maintain and develop further.
Learn what current leadership development areas need to be enhanced and improved.
While many on LinkedIn will tell you (myself included) that leadership is both an art and a science, that leadership is an attitude – it is also a set of easily identifiable behaviours and skills that can be developed – made much easier when you know what to focus on.
The best advice for leaders is to take the time to identify your leaderships strengths and development areas – the insights you gain – and the adjustments you make – will not only benefit your leadership but also the team of people around you.
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Is it time for you to take the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint and determine your leadership strengths and development areas?

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