Unpopular Opinion: The FUNCTION of leadership is NOT to produce more leaders. The FUNCTION of Leadership is to SERVE AND LEAD YOUR PEOPLE WELL. The function is to provide a clear vision, develop a plan, communicate clearly, are for your team, develop their skills and create an environment for good work.

A recent post from Leadership First stated below:


The Function of Leadership
The Function Of Leadership Should Be To Lead Well

If, through that process and your example, you have team members that look to develop their skills further to become a leader – fantastic! But that is not your function – it is a wonderful byproduct of your function.
To state that your function is to produce more leaders is to ignore 80-90% of your team – the people that you lead!
Imagine stating that the function of money is to produce more money, or that the function of a Royal Family is to produce more Royals. Some may agree – yet the purpose of both of those things is to do more that replicate itself – it is to SERVE a higher purpose and create something bigger than itself,
If you see the function / focus of your leadership is to produce more leaders, you are doing yourself – and the people you are supposed to serve – a major disservice.
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