24 Sep 2020

What Do You Think re The WORST Rated Skills of Australian Leaders in 2020?

In your opinion, what leadership skill / behaviour needs the MOST improvement from Australian leaders in 2020? Responsibility? Accountability? Empathy? Time Management? 
Using results from our CheckPoint profiling tool over the 2 years, we have been able to rate the best and worst leadership skills of Australian leaders. 
Tomorrow, we will share the bottom 5.
🤔What do you think they are?

Our Velocity Leadership CheckPoint scores leaders against the following skills/behaviours: 
🔹Alignment Skills (Purpose, Resilience, Commitment, Goal Orientation, Transparency), 
🔹Awareness Skills (Self-Awareness, Confidence, Assertiveness, Personal Fulfilment),
🔹Achievement Skills (Responsibility, Planning, Time Management, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving),
🔹Altitude / Team Skills (Accountability, Active Listening, Verbal Communication, Empathy, Constructive Feedback), and
🔹Adaptable Skills (Empowerment, Interaction, Adaptability, Influence and Dependability).
What would you rate the lowest?

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