In your opinion, what leadership skills or behaviour needs the MOST improvement from Australian leaders in 2020? Responsibility? Accountability? Empathy? Time Management? 
Using results from our CheckPoint profiling tool over the 2 years, we have been able to rate the best and worst leadership skills of Australian leaders. 
Tomorrow, we will share the bottom 5.
?What do you think they are?

Our Velocity Leadership CheckPoint scores leaders against the following skills/behaviours: 
?Alignment Skills (Purpose, Resilience, Commitment, Goal Orientation, Transparency), 
?Awareness Skills (Self-Awareness, Confidence, Assertiveness, Personal Fulfilment),
?Achievement Skills (Responsibility, Planning, Time Management, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving),
?Altitude / Team Skills (Accountability, Active Listening, Verbal Communication, Empathy, Constructive Feedback), and
?Adaptable Skills (Empowerment, Interaction, Adaptability, Influence and Dependability).
What would you rate the lowest?