What is the best thing a leader can do right now? The best thing to do is to complete a leadership assessment. The most important thing a leader can do right now is actually get a gauge on:

  • what they are really good at,
  • what they are not good at, and
  • where they can develop specifically around those skill sets.

So, how they can strengthen what they are already good at, and with what they are not good at, what they can, what they build to work on that.

In the

In the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint, one of the key measures is being able to see how responsibility you are versus how accountable you are. From that, you learn what actions that you take for yourself, and what actions you take for your team.


In addition, you can look at other behaviour trait pairings, such as how good an active listener you are versus how good is your verbal communication. ie. Are you speaking more to your team than listening, or are you always listening and holding back from sharing your thoughts.

To be able to get that level of detail, and know very specifically – at this time – what you need to develop your leadership skills right now – that would be the best thing that a leader could do.

The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint

This is one of many simple yet practical ideas that are included in the Emerging Leaders Program, the Executive Leadership Program and Executive Leadership Coaching.

It all starts with completing a leadership assessment – our Velocity Leadership Checkpoint. To find out more, or to get a link to the CheckPoint Questionnaire, get in touch HERE

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