08 Mar 2022

Equity and Fairness Are Definitely Core Leadership Issues

International Women’s Day. Thank you to Christine Holgate for sharing this powerful video on her Facebook page that I wanted to share here.

The most powerful and frustrating thing about this video is that what is being asked for should already exist within a free and fair society – like Australia. The fact that it doesn’t is an indictment of our current culture, systems, processes and of course leadership – both in Government and business. That half the population has to ask to have these discrimination issues addressed rather than them already exist is the problem.

I encourage all leaders to support what is being asked for:
– Create free and accessible early childhood education and care
– Expand paid parental leave
– ACT on the National plan for First Nations women and girls
– Deliver strong and consistent child sexual assault laws
– Insist employers step up and prevent sexual harassment and bullying
– Establish 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave 
– Support laws to get rid of the gender pay gap.
All women experience inequality. Share now and help to end it.

#safey #respect #equity #IWD

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