Great leaders know how to create the right environment for themselves to thrive. What intention are you bringing to work today? Are you aware of what you are bringing?
Is it: (READ MORE)
? ‘I just have to get through today’
? ‘It is wet and raining, just like my mood’
? ‘Another boring meeting I just have to get through’
? ‘I’m swamped in work’

These intentions attract exactly what you are looking for – and importantly they filter out other emotions / behaviours / examples / opportunities that don’t fit the narrative.
Unconsciously, we can let these negative / less efficient behaviours rule the way in which we work.
The wonderful thing about being human though, is that we can control how we CHOOSE to think about something – which in turn can impact our mood and how we see things – even what we see.
Creating your intention can be a simple way of changing the mood – your mood – at work.

Your intention could be:
⭐️ ‘I will get Project X completed today’
⭐️ ‘I’m glad it is raining outside today, I can now focus on XXX’
⭐️ ‘What small gem of information can I get from this meeting that will be useful?
⭐️ ‘Today I am breaking down these rocks to pebbles and sand and moving things forward’
Our brain is an incredibly powerful tool – when we point it in the right direction and set a clear intention for HOW we will approach the day.

Will creating an intention magically change the day around you? No. You will still be at work, and you will still have things to do. But it will change how you see that work, how you respond to the people around you (and how they respond back), how you feel about that work – and open the opportunity to feel satisfied by what you have achieved, rather than what you have missed.

You may also have the mindset to actually ‘see’ what you have been missing and filtering out from your day.
So, what is your intention for today?

Will you consciously bring out the nest in yourself, or unconsciously pull yourself down? The cool thing is it is your choice.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Creating your intention is just one part of the AIRBLEEDS Model that is taught within our Executive Leadership Coaching Program, and our Emerging Leaders Program. If you would like to know more about creating your intention, get in touch?

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