Leaders don’t need to be perfect! The need and desire for perfection not only stops many amazing potential leaders from becoming leaders, it also stops current leaders from trying or doing something new.
Team members aren’t looking for perfection – they are looking for someone real, someone who cares about them and their wellbeing, and who is honest and open enough to admit to mistakes. Teams and individuals will forgive a lot if their leader can openly take responsibility for their mistakes, and work and learn to be better.
So much of leadership is about CHOICE – the choice to learn, the choice to listen and the choice to be real. OR the choice to seek perfection at all costs, the choice to blame and make excuses, and the choice to ‘pass the buck’ and let others handle the load.
To become the leader that everyone wants to work for – start with doing your best, openly seeking feedback, praising behaviour as you see it and taking all opportunities as learning opportunities.
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