Being a good leader or manager can be difficult in any organisation and small business. There are many people, projects, and problems to keep track of. You may have days where you question your skills or even wonder how to be a good manager. 

8 Signs That You Have the Qualities of Good Leadership

When you go home in the evening, reflect on how you handled the events of the day. Also, strive to take notice of what you do in the moment so you can identify any places for improvement.

  1. You Focus on Teamwork

There’s no “i” in “team!” A respectable leader uses “we” language and navigates progress in the context of their fellow employees. They celebrate successes as a group and expect everyone to step up in the face of failure. Managers who cultivate a culture of collaboration in their business increase job satisfaction and productivity. 

  1. You Have Healthy Boundaries

Quality leaders know how to separate personal and professional relationships. Instead of letting emotions cloud their judgment, they strive to ensure mutually respectful relationships with all employees. They see the value of a proper work-life balance and always check on their team for signs of burnout. 

  1. You Show Your Care For Each Team Member

The best managers work to establish trust and connection with everyone in the office. They do their best to remember hobbies, family members’ names, and exciting events. Well-loved leaders aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with their staff about their lives and want people to see them as more than a “boss.” With this in mind, they also refrain from oversharing and prying into the intimate details of others’ lives.

Great Leaders and Managers Have a Big Impact On Their Teams
Great Leaders and Managers Have a Big Impact On Their Teams
  1. You’re Willing to Admit Your Mistakes

A manager who is humble enough to admit when they’re wrong has one of the most valuable qualities of a good leader. They are always willing to apologize and ask for help. This behavior encourages other team members and makes them feel more comfortable owning up to their mistakes, creating a more productive environment.

  1. You Pay Attention to Staff Feedback

A leader who listens to suggestions and complaints is vital to the success of a business. A good manager takes the initiative to implement meaningful changes in their workplace, creating a safe, comfortable space for all employees.

  1. You Acknowledge Wins

It can be exhausting for a team to only hear about their mistakes and failures. Celebrating wins is critical to good morale in any company. Acknowledging success can make your team members feel proud, satisfied, and appreciated, encouraging them to keep working hard!

  1. You Demonstrate Trust

No one likes a micromanager. Instead of looking over your employees’ shoulders while they work on a project, delegate and let go! Let your team know you’re there if they need help, but trust that they know what they’re doing. This attitude encourages your staff to grow and do their best while simultaneously lightening your workload!

  1. You Understand Your Strengths

Self- reflection is a critically important tool for a leader, and the ability to understand your strengths and your limitations is of great benefit to you and your team. Understanding your strengths ensures that you place yourself in situations where your strengths can be utilised, and you use your team’s strengths for area you are less comfortable / able in – without fear of how this will be seen.

A Good Leader and Manager Always Strives to Be Better

Maybe you already know how to be a good manager, or perhaps there are a few things you need to improve. Tools such as leadership training and assessments can help build a leadership profile to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. The truth is that management positions require much hard work, but if you put in the time and effort to build a positive work environment for your staff, you will find your career incredibly rewarding.

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