Velocity Leadership CheckPoint - Leadership Profile

27 Aug 2019

Leadership Profiling: What Makes the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint Unique?

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint is just that – it is an opportunity to see how your leadership performing at a moment in time – a leadership checkpoint.

The Velocity Leadership Checkpoint is unique because:

  1. It is used at the start of Kameleons leadership programs, workshops and executive coaching programs to assess current levels of leadership behaviour.
  2. It is used at the end of programs, workshops and programs to check improvement and changes in behaviour (it is also used midway through a leadership program to check progress).
  3. The VLC can be completely again after a minimum 4-month period to assess improvement.
  4. Staying true to our philosophy of adapting to culture and environment, the 25 leadership traits may change and be altered over time. Components behaviours of Align, Achieve, Aware, Altitude and Adapt can be amended to reflect what we believe to be the most useful leadership behaviours for leaders at the time.
  5. It provides comparisons between related scores that help you develop new behaviours
  6. It highlights your top 3 leadership behaviours to maintain and strengthen, as well as your weakest 3 leadership behaviours to develop.

It is NOT:

  1. A personality test, nor is it indicative of how your leadership skills and behaviours have been in the past, or how they will be in the future.
  2. A judgement on you as a person or leader.
  3. A validated or ’normed’ profile. Your scores are not adjusted to fit a bell curve or adjusted for a mean score.

Want to understand the strengths and development areas in your leadership behaviours. Make contact with us to complete the Velocity Leadership CheckPoint today.