04 Sep 2021

What Does ‘Dignity and Respect’ Look Like?

Agreed! 👏 But what does ‘dignity and respect’ look like when it comes to behaviours? 🤷‍♂️

You would be hard pressed to find a person that didn’t agree with this statement – but I guarantee you will find it hard to find 3 people that AGREE on the BEHAVIOURS THAT DEMONSTRATE DIGNITY AND RESPECT.

Why? Because our experience (at home and at work), country, culture, upbringing, choices, preferences, bias, religious affiliation and education (and probably some others I hadn’t thought of) influence what we believe that values like this mean.

As leaders, we can all agree with the statement. Where it gets difficult, is agreeing the behaviours that match the values.

From my perspective, respect and dignity is demonstrated by:

🔹 Not speaking about someone behind their back – if I have an issue, I address it with the person,
🔹 I will openly and honestly appraise your performance.

If you are performing well, I will tell you specifically what you are doing that I love. If the standard isn’t as expected, I will tell you just as clearly and explain what I would like to change (and if I can, how to change it).

I can think of at least a dozen other 🔹🔹🔹🔹, but you get the picture.

Values are best agreed through the behaviours and actions relating to the values. Thanks Leadership First  for the discussion thread!

I’m interested in your thoughts. In your world, what specific behaviours demonstrate respect and dignity for you?
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