Is your team performance at the right level? Does your team perform at altitude? Do they lift you up or pull you down? It takes something to ensure that both you and your team fly at Altitude. What is Altitude? It is your teams performance.

If you have a great team – good individual performers that work together, positive culture and supportive of each other) the team will fly higher in performance. Because of that positive energy (that you may have helped create) you will fly higher as well.

Team Performance Is The Responsibility Of The Leader

If you have an under performing team (a negative individual, a poor performing individual, culture of ‘every person for themselves’, no support and general negativity) the team will perform poorly. Because of the negative energy and performance, it takes much more effort for you to perform well.

There is always room to fly higher. A small increase in Altitude can have a lasting impact on your team members and on the performance of your team.

Your team altitude is determined by:

  • How well your hold your team to account (Accountability),
  • How well you listen to what they have to say (Active Listening skills),
  • How well you articulate what it is you need (Verbal Communication),
  • The level of care and understanding you have of your team members (Empathy), and
  • Your ability to provide clear and consistent feedback regarding performance and behaviour (Constructive Feedback).

What is your Altitude?

To find out, follow the link to our Altitude quiz. It will help you determine whether you are in a dive, cruising or performing at altitude.

We believe that ‘Everyone Deserves to Work For a Great Leader’ and ‘Everyone Deserves to Be Part Of A Great Team’

Looking to Build and Develop a High Performing Team?

The IMLD High-Performance Team (HPT) Workshops are designed for established leadership teams to focus on becoming a high-performing team demonstrating optimal team performance. The HPT workshops are focussed on developing leaders that build and lead high-performing teams that deliver improved business outcomes. HPT workshops are focussed on building velocity your business; more than speed, it is about building speed with direction that is built to last.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your team, reach out to us today.