Has the volume of tasks that you need to complete overwhelmed your leadership capacity at present? Have you ever felt that busy, that you actually can’t get anything done? Scanning from left to right, looking at all the tasks and actions to complete, but rendered motionless because of feeling of overwhelm (which can then look like procrastination)?
Sometimes it takes someone else to notice this for you.
Because chances are, the people around you have noticed this before you have.
Sometimes you just need to put your hand up and say I need some help with this – I can’t see the wood from the trees.

Leadership Capacity

Take that moment to sit back and review and scan the tasks. Avoid the need to get in and ‘do it!’ – just for a few minutes – to sort out some basic priorities (based on time, need, time available, due date) and put a little bit of order to the chaos.
I am a huge fan of a ‘to do’ list – even if it is just to get all of the random thoughts out of your head and onto paper.
If you can’t see the wood from the trees or feel overwhelmed with too many tasks – you aren’t alone. It isn’t a bad thing – just a learning thing. Responsibility (generally a great leadership trait) can cause us drama when it is overused.
If you are struggling with overwhelm – reach out – we can help you see the wood from the trees and help you take that next step with confidence.
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Leadership Coaching

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