Is Your Leadership Behaviour Focussed On Urgent Or Important? Are you hooked on the thrill of the urgent? Do you spend most of your day ‘fire fighting’ rather than doing what you know you should?

If so, welcome to the very human condition of focussing on urgent rather than important.

Also welcome the Eisenhower decision matrix, and the 120 seconds that can change the way you work.
120 seconds – that is all it will take to change your day. 2 minutes to check – have you fallen into the ‘urgent and important trap’? Are you in control of your day or are your urgent tasks controlling you?

Recent changes to work arrangements have taught us anything, is that how we structure our time is actually more flexible than many of us thought (and that many things touted as both urgent and important were neither, and often ‘ended up’ here because of poor planning and last minute rushing).

One of the hardest transitions for supervisors and team leaders (and many small business owners as well) is transitioning time used from the Urgent / Important Box to the Not Urgent / Important Box. For those used to the thrill of urgent, this can be difficult to do – particularly those that have valued their constant availability to their team. Non Urgent / Important tasks include those important tasks due in a week or two, the coaching of team members, the planning of strategy. That stuff that gets pushed aside for urgent – then either gets rushed or not done at all.

Discussions on task management, time management and how you complete urgent versus important tasks are features within our Executive Leadership Coaching as well as our Diploma of Leadership & Management and Emerging Leadership Programs.

120 seconds – 2 minutes – take it now to see where you can take control of your time today to do something important.
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