Great leaders inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. A wonderful quote! John Quincy Adams was onto something – almost out of touch with the time and well before his contemporaries in society.

True leaders give their teams the opportunity to:
? dream big and fulfil goals – both their and the business,
? take opportunities to learn and grow – and provide opportunities to learn and grow – both from each other, internally and externally
? motivate, encourage, drive and sometimes push to do more than expected, and become more efficient and effective, and
? develop skills (both specific and related to leadership) to a level that the individual might not have thought possible.

I would humbly add one addition:
? Care more. If you actions inspire others to care more – for the business, for a cause, for each other’s welfare, for your own personal and psychological safety and wellbeing – you are also a leader.
In the space I get to work in of executive coaching and leadership development, watching a leaders ‘care more’ – about their work, about their people and what they are seeking to build – is one of the purest joys.

Thanks for sharing Leadership First – one of my favourite quotes – and one with a hell of a standard to live up to!

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