Leadership Quotes - John Quincy Adams - If Your Actions Inspire Others

12 Nov 2021

Leaders Inspire Others To Dream, Learn, Do and Become More

Great leaders inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. A wonderful quote! John Quincy Adams was onto something – almost out of touch with the time and well before his contemporaries in society.

True leaders give their teams the opportunity to:
🔹 dream big and fulfil goals – both their and the business,
🔹 take opportunities to learn and grow – and provide opportunities to learn and grow – both from each other, internally and externally
🔹 motivate, encourage, drive and sometimes push to do more than expected, and become more efficient and effective, and
🔹 develop skills (both specific and related to leadership) to a level that the individual might not have thought possible.

I would humbly add one addition:
🔹 Care more. If you actions inspire others to care more – for the business, for a cause, for each other’s welfare, for your own personal and psychological safety and wellbeing – you are also a leader.
In the space I get to work in of executive coaching and leadership development, watching a leaders ‘care more’ – about their work, about their people and what they are seeking to build – is one of the purest joys.

Thanks for sharing Leadership First – one of my favourite quotes – and one with a hell of a standard to live up to!

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