A huge thank you to our Executive Coaching, Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Program Clients! As Financial Year 2021/2022 comes to an end, we wanted to go ‘beyond the numbers’ (borrowing your tagline Fiscal Artisans pty ltd!) and say thank you to the wonderful CEO’s, small business owners, leaders, managers and supervisors that have trusted us in the last 12 months to develop your leaders and help deepen leadership and management skills.

Leadership Programs
Executive Coaching
Executive Leadership Coaching
IMLD Leadership Programs Workshops

It is a great privilege to work with talented people who want to stretch themselves and develop themselves (and their teams and businesses) further, and we certainly don’t take it for granted!

IMLD Executive Coaching, Executive Leadership Coaching & Leadership Programs

Thank you for taking part in our:
? Executive Coaching & Executive Leadership Coaching (and the transition and blend of face to face and online coaching)
? Emerging Leaders Program (and the wonderful conversations and connections that developed)
? Executive Leadership Program (and the challenging conversations and new ideas that developed)

? Diploma of Leadership and Management program (both face to face and online)
? Experiential Leadership Program (and the challenging activities and debriefs included),

Experiential Leadership Workshop - Summer Foundation - 25 May 2022
IMLD Experiential Leadership Workshops

? Leadership & High Performance Team Workshops, and
? Velocity Leadership CheckPoint leadership assessment tool.

There is an old African proverb that says that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ – I think that it also takes a team to raise a leader.
Thank you to the teams at 4Legs Pet Food CompanyPeerless JALSunbather Pty LtdAll Saints EstateSummer Foundation LtdLyondellBasellGlobal Buildings Performance Network (GBPN)Fiscal Artisans pty ltdVow and many others for the opportunity to play a small part in raising the skills of your amazing teams.

Thank you also to all of the individual leaders that started their development with a Velocity Leadership CheckPoint and continued their leadership process through coaching, workshops or programs – It has been our pleasure to work with you all.

Velocity Leadership CheckPoint - Leadership Assessment Tool for Leaders
IMLDs Leadership Assessment Tool The Velocity Leadership CheckPoint

We are all looking forward to continuing and maintaining these amazing relationships for FY2022/23 and beyond!
Yours in Developing Leaders.