? Effective Leadership Series Part 3: Are you an Achievement leader?

What does it take to be Achievement focussed in your leadership behaviours?

The IMLD leadership model looks at 5 distinct leadership capabilities – Alignment, Awareness, Achievement, Altitude and Adaptability. Within each of these, there are 5 behavioural leadership traits,

To be an Achievement leader, you display:

? Responsibility – you can hold yourself accountable for your behaviours and actions,

? Planning – you plan ahead, set milestones and adjust as necessary,

? Time Management – you know when and where you will do your best work using a finite resource,

? Attention to Detail – you can stay focussed to thoroughly and accurately complete a task,

? Problem Solving – you find solutions to difficult or complex issues and can utilise the skills of others to do the same.

Achievement leaders are thinkers and doers – they put thoughts into actions, understand the difference between quality and quantity time and focus on meeting targets and providing solutions.

Velocity Leadership CheckPoint

Are you an Achievement focussed leader? Do your achievement behaviours have a positive impact for your team? Want to find out? 

IMLD’s Velocity Leadership CheckPoint (VLC) provides you with clear scores against the 5 Alignment behaviours, as well as the behaviours of the other 4 leadership capabilities. To learn more, click on the link in the comments.

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