? Effective Leadership Series Part 4: Are you an Altitude leader?

What does it take to be Altitude (Team Leadership) focussed in your leadership behaviours?

The IMLD leadership framework looks at 5 distinct leadership capabilities – Alignment, Awareness, Achievement, Altitude and Adaptability. Within each of these, there are 5 behavioural leadership traits,

To be an Altitude leader, you display:

? Accountability – you can hold someone accountable for their behaviours and actions,

? Active Listening – you fully concentrate on what is said rather than planning for your response,

? Verbal Communication – you articulate yourself clearly and have your instructions and explanations understood,

? Empathy – you can understand or feel another persons experience from their frame of reference,

? Constructive Feedback – you can praise and develop performance based on observations to address issues.

Altitude leaders are focussed on their team and team performance – they know they will fly higher when all members of their team are acting in unison and trusting each other to meet their personal and team objectives.

Are you an Altitude focussed leader? Do your altitude behaviours have a positive impact for your team? Want to find out? 

IMLD’s Velocity Leadership CheckPoint (VLC) provides you with clear scores against the 5 Alignment behaviours, as well as the behaviours of the other 4 leadership capabilities.

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